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Zoltan Rusz M.D. – plastic surgeon

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The storehouse of present-applied surgical interventions, related to beauty, is ramifying, from indulgent cosmetic treatments to surgeries lasting several hours. In connection with the above some questions come up. When should we do? What is the type of the intervention? What kind of complications could develop? What size and type of scar remains after the surgery? What is the result to be expected? What kind of material and implant do we use? How lasting is the result of treatment, surgery? How long I have to take care of myself? Etc..


Aesthetic services:

Numerous questions are awaiting replies when you visit a plastic surgeon. I try to answer briefly to the questions connecting to interventions in the following topics

  • Breast enlargement with implants
  • Breast enlargement with fat tissue free transfer
  • Breast-lift
  • Breast augmentation with breast-lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Nipple and areola surgeries
  • About further procedures you can find information at www.arscorporis.hu



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About me

I chose the medical profession as the continuation of my family’s tradition...

After I obtained my special examination of general and then plastic surgery, with nine years of clinical experience, I continued my work at Schöpf-Merei Ágost Kórház és Anyavédelmi Központ after the foundation of the department of breast surgery. As the leader of the section benign and malignant breast diseases’ oncological, oncoplastical and restorer operations were the main parts of my activity next to the beauty-surgery interventions. Based on the gained experience I can claim, restoring harmony in our lives plays a really important role in the renovation of self-confidence and in this way, in obtaining success more easily. Since 2007 as a private doctor I just perform aesthetical intervantions and operations supporting those ladies and gentlemen who need the harmonization of their body shape to repair their self-confidence.


Special exams:


General surgery. 


Plastic (burn) surgery.

Working places:

- Semmelweis Medical University Budapest, 1st. Department of Surgery 1990-1999.
- Schöpf-Merei Ágost Hospital and Mother Protection Institute 1999-2007.
- Private plastic surgeon from 1999.


- Hungarian Society of Surgery
- Hungarian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
- Hungarian Society of Senology
- Hungarian Wound Management Association
- International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Knowledge of languages:


Professional courses, extension trainings:

-Course of Laparoscopy
1993, Budapest
- Gastroenterological extension training
1994, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zwolle
- Hand surgery, Pediatric surgery, Otolaryngology course
1998, Budapest
- II International Course Advances in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
2000, Barcelona
- Reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery Symposium
2002, Budapest
- Breast Cancer: Oncologic an Reconstructive Surgery Course
2002, Duesseldorf
- Apprenticeship
2003 Stockholm, Akademikliniken
- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast
2003, Milano
- International Breast Surgery Course
2004, Visegrád
- ISAPS Nordic Light Course
2005, Stockholm
- III International Matrix Course
2005, Stockholm
- Microsurgical course and examination
2005, Debrecen
- ISAPS 2nd International Eurasian Easthetic Course
2010 Istambul
- I. Central European Confidence Meeting on Face and Breast Surgery
2010 Szeged
- ISAPS Course
2011 Timisoara
- ISAPS Introductional Course
2011. Debrecen
- II. Central European Confidence Meeting- Plastic Surgery Extension
2012. Balatonfüred
- Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress
2012 Monte Carlo



Cosmetic breast surgeries:

„The secret of self-confidence and success is the harmony for body and soul.”


About breast surgeries


Don’t you feel comfortable in your own skin?

Decision! Change! Self-confidence! Success!

For a balanced and successful life it is essential that we need to be satisfied with the appearance of our body. Since we don’t see the preferred body shape in the mirror, it could lead to soul problems in the long term. Low self-esteem could be a retarding force both in the shaping of a healthy relationship and in the successful completion of our work. We are looking for a solution that is reachable and available.

The female breast, besides its basic biological part that is suckling, plays an important role in the reflection of secondary sex characteristics. It is the most significant symbol of femininity.

According to the above, breast size and shape need to be convenient to our expectations.

The mutation of shapes and sizes could already appear after puberty starts. Breasts could be small, big, asymmetric in the course of organ development. Giving birth and then suckling happens in almost every women’s lives, that can cause breast transformations or rarely due to an illness their size and/or shape change.

Breast surgery is a collective term, that includes the correction of changed conditions (because of the above reasons) with breast augmentation, breast-lift, combination of the previous two, reduction of large breasts or may as well with the operation of certain parts of breast (nipple-areola).

We will mention these procedures in greater detail as follows.

Breast enlargement with breast implants and/or free fat tissue transfer


Breast augmentation can be achieved with the application of two methods. One of them is implant placement, the other one is natural fill fat transfer.


Breast implants is a plastic surgical intervention lasting 1-1,5 hour using general anesthesia. In the course of the operation they emplace a cohesive gel implant under mammary gland, most frequently partly under muscle from the direction of lower fornix of the conjuctiva, areola or axilla. After the operation you have to spend a night at the clinic, and then wearing of a special bra is recommended for a month.

You make an agreement with the plastic surgeon about the size, the shape and the surface (textured) of this implant at the consultation before the operation.

Nowadays the modern implants’ surface is textured (rough, soft) and filled with cohesive gel. In practice I use american-made (Allergan) implants to witch the manufacturing firm undertakes a 10 years or everlasting guarantee.In the later case the firm even makes a contribution to the cost of surgery in the case of spontaneous failure of implants.

Natural fill fat transfer breast augmentation:

This procedure is proposed to the ones who don’t want substantial augmentation, have enough surplus fat which is utilizable and/or you are horrified at the idea to emplace a foreign material into your organism.

This intervention requires a liposuction and fat transfer procedure. We flush fat cells from the body in targeted areas, and then the cleaned fat cells are injected into selected areas of the breast while we transform their size and shape.

This procedure is provably secure method, just as all the other breast surgical interventions. It has different risks than breast implants or breast-lift.

The surgery scars are shorter at this intervention than at breast-lift or at breast-reduction.

Breast-lift (with enlargement):


Breast-lift is a surgical intervention lasting 2-2,5 hours using general anesthesia. In the course of the operation the plastic surgeon removes the established surplus skin and creates the desired breast shape thanks for forming the substance. This procedure can be combined with breast augmentation, too. After the operation you have to spend a night at the clinic, but next day you can leave to your home. The wearing of a special bra is required for four weeks after the intervention. After this plastic surgery in the place of the intersection first a wound occurs then a scar. A mark remains on the skin, but it pales with the passing of time.

Breast reduction:


In some cases, large breasts cause everyday pain in women’s lives with their extent and weight. These ladies can’t find bras with their own size and most of the time they have back pain as well. In these situations breast reduction is required. It is a surgical intervention lasting 2,3-3 hours using general anesthesia. In the course of the operation, certain areas of the breast skin and its substance have to be removed. Afer breast shaping the same steps come as at breast-lift. After the operation you have to spend a night at the clinic.

You have to wear compression bra for a month. The length and type of remaining scar will be similar to the ones at breast-lift.


Nipple and areola cosmetic surgery


It is not at all unlikely that a client is satisfied with her breast size or shape, but something else annoys her. The nipples and areolas could mutate as well. In case of nipples it can happen that they don’t swell out properly, moreover turning in. Rarely illness can be a reason, but mostly there is a congenital reason. Another unpleasent occurrence when the nipple is out of proportion in every direction. Both of them can be corrected with surgery, but you have to reckon with that milk ducts can be easily injured. The most common aesthetic mutation of areola is widening or having egg-shaped form.

Both of them can be corrected. The above surgeries can be done with local anesthesia. After the operation the client can leave the clinic.

Breast asymmetry


The human body, so organs too, can show smaller or bigger asymmetry such as breasts. A lot of women arrive with this problem. Which type of interventios we choose depends on the character and the degree of asymmetry. Thus at smaller asymmetry we can emplace different size of implants at the same time. At bigger asymmetry the proposed solution is lifting, the previous ones’ combination or breast reduction. All in all wide variaty is available from which we have to choose the suitable one.



For further questions, please inquire of me via telephone or e-mail!





Breast augmentation from 2290 Euro / 2990 USD
Further information: on the occasion of consultation or one of these contacts. Grab the opportunity!

Breast enlargement with implants
 from 2290 Euro / 3790 USD
Breast enlargement with free fat tissue transfer
from 1890 Euro / 3190 USD
Breast-lift from 1690 Euro / 2790 USD
Breast-lift with enlargement (with implants - BRST, Natrelle) from 2990 Euro / 4990 USD
Breast reduction from 2390 Euro / 3990 USD
Nipple and areola cometic surgery
from  590 Euro /    990 USD
The costs include following fees (preop consultation fee, preop medical examination, implants, bra, anesthesia, all service at the clinic, checking up). The preop consultation fee: 50 Euro / 65 USD



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